Medivators, a Cantel Medical Company, is one of the leading providers of infection control products and services. These solutions guarantee safe and correct disinfection of endoscopes and other devices for medical companies around the world. Medivators focuses on two critical areas – endoscope reprocessing and endoscopy procedure products. Their endoscope reprocessing products include a full range of endoscope reprocessing systems, high-level disinfectants and sterilants, detergents, leak testing and manual cleaning products, storage cabinets, endoscope process tracking and related consumables, accessories and supplies. It’s key to document everything correctly in order to stay compliant, however Medivators knew paper and pen were no longer the most efficient way. This is when they turned to ServiceMax.


Medivators, a Cantel Medical Company

Medical Device

501-1,000 employees

Plymouth, Minnesota


“We saw ServiceMax as the way to gain the visibility we didn’t have. We could see its potential to reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.”

Amos Schneller
VP of Global Service & Technical Support


In order to meet patient safety and HIPAA requirements, Medivators spent a large amount of time on manual paperwork. “The documentation is very important,” says Amos Schneller, the company’s vice president of global service and technical support, “We used to have to wait for the hand written, signed documents to be mailed, and we couldn’t invoice or begin warranties until that happened.”

Customer data from site visits was also tracked manually, which gave a limited amount of visibility to sales. Because of this, there was no real value to report about service visits and the company was missing out on various opportunities.

The paper-based processes caused long delays in everything from follow-ups, to billing, to visibility into their customer base. Medivators knew it was time for a change.


Schneller heard about ServiceMax at an industry conference and immediately recognized the benefits of the tool. Medivators implemented Mobile for iPad and began using the ServiceMax platform for RMA, ordering and consuming parts from trunk stock, and updating 50,000 installed products.

The company’s sales and service team began to maximize their use of ServiceMax. “Before ServiceMax, the sales people would have to call the service department to find out what was going on before they visited customers,” Schneller says. Today, techs are flagging opportunities for sales, who then go in and pull customer information for future sales. 


Medivators has decreased the amount it takes to receive completed service reports. They originally took two weeks, but now only take 3 days. Their shorter billing cycle has also significantly improved cash flow.

“We haven’t just seen an increase in service revenue — we’ve doubled our profitability since using ServiceMax,” says Schneller. Between the faster reporting cycles, new proactive business model, and increase in visibility, Medivator’s service division is proving to be extremely valuable to the overall company.