ShotSpotter technology is leveraged to protect officers and connect law enforcement to their communities better. Through the use of sophisticated sensors, ShotSpotter has the ability to expose, pinpoint, and alert law enforcement agencies of real time, illegal gunfire incidents. Their surveillance technology provides an exact location on a map (latitude/longitude) with related data such as the address, number of rounds fired, and type of gunfire straight to a user’s device. Their goal is to reduce gun violence, improve public safety, and enhance the resiliency of communities all over the world. ServiceMax technology enables proactive, informed, data driven field service maintenance, and helps Shotspotter increase the safety and security for cities and police departments around the United States and beyond.



Public Safety

51-200 employees

Newark, California


“Before we implemented ServiceMax, we did not have the historical data on how many installed products we put in, what the history was of the location of the building, or how the device was acting. We didn’t have a good way to track that.”

Jeff Jaegar
Field Service Manager

ServiceMax Customer Video: ShotSpotter


ShotSpotter is deployed in approximately 90 cities across the United States, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, and South Africa and is a key component to these cities’ gun violence reduction strategy. Because of its high impact for law enforcement agencies, Jeff Jaegar, Field Service Manager for the Field Ops Team, explains that “We’re continuously making sure the system and what our customers are paying for is working at all times.”

Part of staying up and running is having quick and easy access to third party technicians and being able to monitor their efficiency. If sensors are not functioning, the coverage area dwindles, and uptime suffers. ShotSpotter needed to be able to find and contact a local technician to solve the problem. While fixing the issue is one thing, ShotSpotter had little visibility into how well their contracted technicians were working, how quickly they solved problems, and what some of the common symptoms were. “We did not have a good way to see the information we needed to help better manage those products” explained Mr. Jaegar.


A field service management tool that is truly compatible with their customer support process was essential for ShotSpotter. After testing out other products, ShotSpotter found that ServiceMax was exactly what they were searching for as it blended with their current customer systems, was configurable to their needs, and provided an even deeper view into information they already had.

“It brought in a whole other aspect of information – the fields, the data, the analytics – that we needed to access deeper insights to drive our customer base and vendors,” said Mr. Jaegar.


ShotSpotter is able to assess more information at once and share it with their project managers and contractors. In return, these team members seal and finish deployments faster; decreasing the amount time and money spent. This has also resulted in an increase in their NPS score by 23 points (from May 2015 to June 2017), and a 98% renewal rate from their customers. With the help of ServiceMax, ShotSpotter is improving the quality of life in neighborhoods across the world.