Solta Medical, a leader in the medical aesthetics market, has provided over ten years of clinical study and research. Seven brands collectively make up a comprehensive platform to address a range of aesthetic skin and body issues. Skin resurfacing and rejuvenation, body contouring and skin tightening, acne reduction are of the few of the services Solta’s devices offer. Over 2.5 million people have undergone a procedure performed with Solta’s products around the world. To support their growing business, Solta Medical needed a scalable platform and access to an integrated CRM and field service solution.


Solta Medical

Medical Device

200-500 employees

Pleasanton, California


“The ServiceMax solution has greatly increased the visibility we have of our customers and their products. Now support, marketing and sales can leverage customer history and product data to work more efficiently and drive revenue opportunities. On top of that, ServiceMax professional services and support have been an absolute pleasure to work with!”

Nick Wondka
Managing Director, Global Product Support and Service


Solta Medical originally used Saleslogix and Microsoft Access, as well as other legacy systems. However, they wanted to improve their manual processes and customer data integration with their ERP system. They saw this as an opportunity to build out a comprehensive, complete customer and product history view, which in turn would improve their efficiency and revenue generating programs.


Solta found it beneficial to acquire a solution built on top of their CRM that was also easy to integrate with their ERP system. With the new robust solution, Solta automates the tracking of products at customer locations and keeps multi-level configuration information easily accessible to technicians. Now, contracts, entitlements, and SLAs are easily tracked and visible to all employees. This allows marketing to create customized programs based on what products customers have and sales can have access to all customer cases, warranties, and customer history, enabling them to identify sales and cross-sell opportunities.


Since implementing ServiceMax, Solta Medical has moved off two legacy systems and unified their customer and product information into one space, creating a 360-degree view of their customers. This has improved their ability to deliver an excellent customer experience and to augment revenue from service.

The integration with the ERP system has also been a success. Now sales representatives can get real-time updates on customer status as they prepare for customer calls, helping them better address issues and find new sales opportunities.