Elekta is a medical device manufacturing company that produces software and equipment used to improve the lives of people with cancer and brain disorders. Companies, like Elekta, in the competitive medical device industry are looking at how connectivity and smart devices can be used to generate more value for their customers as well as new sources of revenue. Elekta understands this opportunity and has been using the Internet of Things for the past decade to help differentiate its service business and expedite field service.



Medical Device Manufacturing

1,001 - 5,000 employees

Stockholm, Sweden


“Having partners like PTC and ServiceMax makes all the difference. We had agreement methodology to ‘start small and aim big’ which has inspired, and influenced, our shared vision of connected solutions that offer greater value to our company. We can’t imagine having more collaborative partners as we serve our clients today and look to the future of improved service.”

Daniel Kingham
Remote Service Program Director

Connected Field Service Customer Case Study - Elekta


Like many other companies, Elekta needed to innovate by creating new products and service offerings in order to meet growing customer expectations. “Every year, over one million patients are treated on our machines,” explained Daniel Kingham. If a machine is down, it can affect the overall health of the business. However, in Elekta’s case, when a machine is down a patient’s health can be directly affected. Their recovery treatments are rescheduled, there could be an emotional and physiological impact, and the customer’s overall confidence decreases.


Elekta knew that the key to their success would be to identify a problem and maintain equipment before it breaks, which is why they began searching for an IoT-enabled field service solution. With the help of ServiceMax and PTC, one of ServiceMax’s partners, Elekta was able to design technological solutions that truly focus on customer needs. They chose Connected Field Service with remote access offering so they could predict service needs and address them proactively.


The key benefit that ServiceMax and Connected Field Service provides is the ability to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime. Elekta’s customers and their customers’ patients now experience more efficient and cost-effective services. There have already been over 600 preventative actions carried out, which has resulted in more than 14,000 uninterrupted treatments for patients. A patient’s health is of utmost importance to Elekta, thus technology is essential to their commitment to uptime availability and their focus on patient outcomes.

“As we look at new ways to deliver service and support our evolving products, we count on the support of PTC and ServiceMax as partners and thought leaders. Together we can deliver unprecedented value and support our customers to improve the lives of millions of patients.” says Mr. Kingham.