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Training Initial Development

Development & sharing of foundational training materials for customer

guy-black-icon CUSTOMER
servicemax-black-icon SERVICEMAX
What's Happening (Customer)
  • Provide common terminology from existing system compared to ServiceMax terminology
  • Participate in training review of basic system knowledge and introduction to foundation training materials
  • Review & provide feedback on foundational training materials
What's Happening (ServiceMax)
  • Develop Navigation Basics training for customer
  • Develop Device Basics and Navigation training
  • Conduct foundational review call with customer to review system basics and materials

Resources (Customer)
  • Project Manager
  • Training Coordinator and/or Lead
Resources (ServiceMax)
  • Education Consultant

Risks (Customer)
  • Missed opportunity to share customer specific knowledge to be used in custom training materials may result in misunderstanding for end users
  • Unprepared for next steps in training process without basic ServiceMax knowledge
Risks (ServiceMax)
  • Unable to meet initial education milestones