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UAT Readiness

Develop and deliver UAT training support

guy-black-icon CUSTOMER
servicemax-black-icon SERVICEMAX
What's Happening (Customer)
  • Provide UAT platform/tool information
  • All testers to review Elements of Success UAT video series
  • All testers participate in UAT training
  • Report Developers and Admins participate in FSAW Advanced and Governance modules, if applicable to training plan
What's Happening (ServiceMax)
  • Gain knowledge of customer UAT platform/tool and process for testing
  • Refer all UAT users to Elements of Success-UAT training material links in training plan
  • Develop & deliver UAT training for team
  • Conduct FSAW-Advanced and Governance modules is applicable in training plan
Resources (Customer)
  • Project Manager
  • Administrators
  • Testers
  • Training Coordinator and/or Lead
Resources (ServiceMax)
  • Project PM
  • Education Consultant

Risks (Customer)
  • Unprepared testers will lead to delays in testing, ineffective feedback and need for additional testing
  • Ineffective UAT will lead to scope creep, uncertainty in the system and adoption success
  • Lack of advanced reporting knowledge may hinder the ability to create and use reporting effectively to improve the business and adoption
Risks (ServiceMax)
  • Project delays and additional costs may apply if UAT is not effectively planned, communicated and executed
  • Without full understanding of reporting the customer will miss opportunities for effective reporting for their business