Discover the Advantages of Service Automation with ServiceMax

Addressing customer calls with correct data and a skilled field tech is crucial to field service success. Heavy duty software and on-premise systems are inadequate to manage the same. Partner with ServiceMax to experience the advantages of service automation.

ServiceMax’s cloud-based field service suite efficiently manages the creation, execution, allocation, debriefing and closure of field work orders. Use ServiceMax’s advanced work order management system to:

  • Eliminate pointless paperwork
  • Increase the productivity of service partners and field techs
  • Enhance technician utilization by making it possible for them to work even when there is no Internet connection
  • Curtail billing errors
  • Minimize unnecessary costs by tracking the parts, technician time and labor costs precisely
  • Eliminate SLA promise violations
  • Reduce operational expenses by offering partners and customers with instant updates on work order status

Being cloud-based, ServiceMax offers field techs both customer and product data anytime on the go. This helps in resolving customer issues on time.

Interested to know more about the advantages of service automation and benefits ServiceMax has to offer? Download our White Paper.

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