Automated Dispatch Software Frees You from Manual Dispatch

A systematic dispatch process ensures first time closure rates and customer delight. It helps field service techs resolve customer problems effectively and fast. ServiceMax’s automated dispatch software offers help.

Automated dispatch software tools free you from manual and people-heavy dispatch procedures. It enhances the efficiency of your dispatch and scheduling operations, reduce costs and allow field techs to complete more jobs per day.

Use ServiceMax’s automated dispatch software to:

  • Increase profitability and field service revenues
  • Increase field tech utilization rates by accessing optimized and dynamic schedules in field
  • Boost customer delight with fast resolution times, timely arrivals and multi-skill field tech matching
  • Manage huge teams efficiently with less dispatchers
  • Enhance the service delivery chain efficiency

Dispatch is not restricted to searching for a consumer address, attending calls or routing your field tech. Discover more with ServiceMax.

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