Internal Corporate Communication Software that Reaches Deskless Workers

Deskless workers are often left out of corporate communications because organizations tend to rely on desk-based tools. However, these tools aren’t accessible for field and mobile teams. This negatively impacts employee engagement and company culture, leading to higher turnover and potentially millions of dollars walking out the door.

To effectively connect with frontline employees, corporate teams need to meet them on the devices they already use with Zinc’s corporate communication software. This creates a culture of connectivity where employees always have the latest information, making an immediate impact on productivity, retention, and customer satisfaction. 

Download: Zinc Real Time Communication Datasheet

Use a Dual Approach to Ensure Updates are Read

When companies use internal communication mobile apps built for a singular purpose, they just become another app that employees don’t check. With Zinc, updates come through the business communication app deskless workers use every day. For instance, if a technician is troubleshooting a problem when a Broadcast comes through, they must read the alert before getting back to their Zinc conversation.

This integration of top-down updates into the company communication app that employees use every day to complete work ensures corporate updates are read. Now all employees, even those who don't use email, are informed and connected to all departments.

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