Field service crews are always on the move. So the chief challenge facing service firms is pretty clear: get the right technicians with the right parts to the right place at the right time. This requires a well-coordinated mobile workforce – the kindthat continually helps organizations improve their first-time fix rate.

Mobile field service organizations rely on automated crew scheduling software to help maximize team capacity, cut response time, reduce fuel costs, and monitor workflow company-wide in near real-time on a dashboard in the central office. 

To schedule multiple work orders and dispatch the most appropriate crew for each job, competitive field service companies know the manual process days of best-guesses and inefficiency are gone. Today, easy drag-and-drop features can quickly create work orders and dispatch the right technicians with the right parts specific to the installed equipment and boost first-time fix visits. A crew scheduling app starts by suggesting a best approach to every multi-part task. 

Digital capabilities also enable field service software to leverage maintenance history, suggest cost-effective routes using GPS, and integrate shared job documentation (even remote invoicing) from a selection of mobile communications platforms – phones, notepads, or laptops.

It’s all about synchronizing your assets to optimize your business. To learn more about how ServiceMax can help supply your enterprise business with a leading crew scheduling software, please fill out the form.

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