Prioritize Safety with an Effective Employee Notification System

Respond Faster: Use our employee notification system to Broadcasts critical information to employees, no matter if they are on desktop or mobile.

Deliver Targeted Messages: Keep the right employee abreast of critical information with targeted messages segmented by department, location, group, or list.

Cut Through the Noise: Reach employees on the app they use every day to get work done. With our employee messaging app, Broadcasts take over the screen, forcing employees to engage before resuming in the app.

Get Real-Time Visibility: Immediately see who has read and interacted with Broadcast messages from the Admin Console. Follow up with employees who haven’t engaged.

Connect With the Ones You Protect

Employees receive more messages, emails, and notifications than ever before, and at the same time are distributed more widely across the globe. The number of remote employees, deskless workers, and third-party contractors working within organizations continues to rise. As this shift towards a mobile workforce takes place, employees need to be informed and safe, no matter where they are located. Zinc is an easy-to-use employee notification app and communication platform that makes workplace communication faster and more effective than ever before.

  • Employees create Ad-hoc groups to discuss an emergency situation as it unfolds.
  • Admins create an Official Group as well as Broadcast information to ensure everyone involved has up-to-date, accurate information.
  • Employees use messaging, push to talk, and phone or video calls to get immediate insight into a situation and know the facts.

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