Enterprise chat software is a must for remote and field workers, but it's often clunky and hard to use, leading to low adoption. Zinc's simple and intuitive enterprise chat design removes this barrier and creates a seamless experience for employees. Enterprise-trusted, Zinc is engineered for scale with the security and privacy that businesses need to stay compliant.

An Enterprise Messenger You Can Count on

When it comes to enterprise messaging solutions, it can be hard to drive adoption. If the app isn't intuitive like consumer apps, deskless workers simply won't use it. While consumer apps pose significant data privacy and security risks, companies tend to turn a blind eye for the sake of having teams connected and working efficiently.

With Zinc, you don’t have to choose between a rock and a hard place. Zinc’s enterprise communication platform is as easy to use as consumer messaging apps, but built for the enterprise with:

  • Enterprise-grade security: All data is encrypted in transit and at rest and multi-factor authentication ensures only the right people have access
  • Data Ownership: You own your company’s data in Zinc, can set custom data management policies, and easily configure Zinc to scale with your business
  • Compliance: Zinc meets a variety of globally-known and trusted security standards including Soc 2 Type II

Consumer Apps are a Ticking Time Bomb

When managers allow their service technicians to use WhatsApp for communicating at work, it's a risk. There are no access and administrative controls that allow admin to manage communications and ensure only the right people have the right access. Employees that have tribal knowledge to share can only talk to the people whose numbers they know. And when an employee leaves the company, their conversations move with them.

In Zinc's enterprise messenger, all of the communication data belongs to the organization. Consumer chat apps are not an option, but you don't have to settle for a sub-par enterprise communication platform.

Why WhatsApp is Bad for Business

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