Boost your field dispatch productivity by 31%! You can do it as our other customers have!

ServiceMax is apt for managing field service operations. It is an incredibly trusted app even if it deals with thousands of daily transactions and complicated business rules.

Optimizing your field dispatch operations is key to improve your productivity and boost your profits. Allow ServiceMax's software to dramatically boost the effectiveness of your field dispatch operations. The key to improving your field dispatch operations is increasing your technician utilization rates and delivering on the SLAs you promised your customers. ServiceMax makes it easy for you to do this.

Here is how ServiceMax helps you optimize your field dispatch operations:

  • ServiceMax's interactive and visually rich user interface makes it a joy to manage your field dispatch operations
  • Our highly configurable dispatch console makes the most complex of field dispatch jobs easy and error-free
  • Drag and drop field dispatch assignments to technicians based on proximity or territory
  • Easily query and view field dispatch statistics based on query criteria such as unassigned, assigned, and high priority
  • Configure pre-defined field dispatch rules to assign technicians automatically depending on job proximity, expertise levels, skills, and driving distances to work orders
  • Automate field dispatch by assigning to service partner resources work orders depending on pre-defined partnership terms
  • Geographically view the field dispatch statuses in real-time in our map display

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