Reports and Dashboards

The new age competitive service scenario demands complete visibility of the entire field service company. Managers, field techs and executives require inputs into tactical, strategic and everyday service operations. The field service reports are essential for the management to be able to record vital data for the company, ServiceMax Reports and Dashboards offers your, your service staff and executives the capacity to clearly define losses, profits, service levels and inventory levels.

Achieve the business intelligence you require to function a competitive and profitable company. ServiceMax provides an intelligent analytics platform to offer advanced Field Service Reports and Dashboards for empowering the management arrive at correct decision making after they have gained sufficient inputs on the major operational questions.

Our vision to make your field service software user friendly, powerful. mobile, effective and collaborative. It's time to forsake the outmoded silos of data and spreadsheets, heavy-duty software and on-premise solutions. ServiceMax offers futuristic field service solutions.

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