ServiceMax Depot Repair & Inventory Management Software Can Optimize Flow of Parts and Products

Managing inventory can be a constant challenge. Carry too little inventory, you risk losing revenue chances and upsetting clients who cannot receive the product they are looking for. Carry too much inventory and your company risks being hit by high-priced write-downs.

ServiceMax helps you maintain optimal inventory levels. Delivered as part of an start-to-finish field service management resolution, ServiceMax:

  • Manages parts and inventory levels
  • Provides forward & reverse logistics services
  • Manage important inventory updates
  • Technicians, depot repair, warehouse operations, and field service managers can manage supply chain movement

ServiceMax empowers users to manage inventory and stock history and updates for all sorts of locations. Manage depot repair facilities, warehouses, technician vehicles or any other virtual locations. Real-time inventory updates makes sure that your inventory is accurate, up-to-date, and audited. Minimize inventory leakage and write-downs. Watch this 2 minute video to learn more.

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