Appointment Scheduling Software enables companies with large mobile workforces to determine best routes and schedule service appointment arrivals automatically. Utilizing information including skill set, location, and prior experience (from both the technician and customer standpoint), cloud-based appointment scheduling software can automatically determine the best field service worker for the task. By tying into online applications rather than analog methods like white boards and paper checklists, teams can be aware of schedules in the office or in the field. Scheduling software can come in a variety of options from Open Source to Enterprise, depending on scope and size of company.

Making sure that the right technician is at the right job with the right parts can show numerous benefits from improved first time fix rates (FTFR), decreased costs, and an increase in customer satisfaction. By minimizing drive times with route optimization, and manage multiple teams and work orders simultaneously, enterprise businesses are discovering the best scheduling software leverages automation through the cloud to decrease the need for manual computing.

ServiceMax is a leading field service software application with a suite of products including Real Time Schedule Optimization and Advanced Workforce Scheduling. To learn more about how ServiceMax can help your enterprise business, download the report.

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