ServiceMax Field Service Software. The Future of Field Service.

When looking for the best field service software, it is important to understand the full lifecycle of a service request. With ServiceMax, that starts from the time the product is acquired, and goes on till that customer is upsold and buys again. It's getting customers on contracts and maintenance agreements, it's learning of the issue sometimes before it even happens, it's getting the right tech there with the right parts at the right time, and also giving them the collaboration and the mobile knowledgebase to fix it the first time. It's having full knowledge of the parts inventory, and closing the work order with an on-the-spot signature. It's facilitating upsell by technicians and sharing knowledge with sales for future purchases. Apart from that all the data gathered helps to analyze and transform the complete service lifecycle.

ServiceMax is the first Internet of Things solution enabled for your service people, delivery processes, serviceable products and customer promises.

ServiceMax can help manage:

  • Contract entitlements
  • Scheduling & workforce optimization
  • Service Revenue generation
  • Parts return management, and more

ServiceMax is delivered with cutting-edge mobility, social collaboration, and real- time customer and partner portal access as part of the solution, so that you don't just automate your old, tired process, you reinvent it. At ServiceMax, we help customers irrespective of their sizes perfect their service delivery process, delight their customers and drive revenue growth. Download our white paper or contact us today to learn more.

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