Manage Broken Products with Enterprise Maintenance and Repair Tracking Software

Is your enterprise service organization in need of a balanced repair tracking and inventory management system? In today's competitive landscape it is crucial that your field workers and dispatch centers are equipped with the most accurate repair tools available at all times. On-premise systems and legacy software do not suffice anymore in an increasingly connected digital world. To stand out, increase profits and first time fix rates, and improve customer satisfaction check out ServiceMax's flexible repair tracking software.

The ServiceMax maintenance and repair tracking software manages inventory locations, updates and stock history for various locations. With it, your company can:

  • Retain optimum inventory levels allowing your business to keep costs low and consumer happy
  • Abide by the regulatory compliance needs through correct audit trials
  • Utilize the depot repair centers cost-efficiently to refurnish products and repairs
  • Monitor the inventory data for the parts transactions comprising part requests, RMA's and stock transfer
  • Offer service parts instant inventory visibility and the capability to ship parts and initiate/close parts transaction

If you are looking for a leading repair tracking software for your organization, schedule a demo with ServiceMax today!

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