Field Workforce Scheduling

In order to resolve your customer's issues, you need to do a lot more than just dispatch a technician. To ensure efficient utilization of time by technicians, there is the need for reducing empty space and long drive times in their schedules. To schedule and send the right technician, it is necessary to work through the complex matrixes of availability, eligibility, and skill inventories. This helps to manage work orders efficiently, increase utilization rates, and guarantee customer delight.

ServiceMax's leading scheduling capabilities helps you to manage scheduling processes whether automatic, manual or interactive. By taking advantage of proven cloud computing technology, ServiceMax's intuitive dragNdrop dispatch console helps you to allocate and set up schedules for manifold work orders together. Dispatchers can modify schedules instantly, convey changes to field technicians, monitor the technicians' region and assign tasks based on availability. This enables you to empower technicians and optimize scheduling with one robust mobile solution.

ServiceMax, with its cloud-based, social field service solution, brings value at every step of the process. It ensures that your field service software is robust, easy-to-use, and efficient.

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