Manage Service Teams Better with Service Order Management Process

What prevents a company from delivering flawless field service? It includes minor lapses like not being able to locate service history, customer data or work order details. Want to organize your field service process? ServiceMax’s service order management process can help.

Service order management process is cloud-based and removes extra paperwork. It monitors the generation, execution, allocation, closing and debrief of the work orders both internally as well as across the partner service teams. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Have complete visibility of your partner service teams, service teams, their locations and the business changes
  • Create quotes
  • Minimize the chances of billing errors
  • Minimize confusion about the work that needs to be performed
  • Enhance the field tech utilization by helping them work with no Internet connection
  • Minimize the expenses precisely by keeping a track of field worker time, labor and parts cost

Want to efficiently manage field service requests to make sure it is solved within the SLA commitments? Get ServiceMax.

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