Parts Logistics

Managing major parts for your customers can be tricky, but managing the smaller parts can be even trickier. ServiceMax helps field service organizations like yours to better manage their inventory by giving technicians access to real time inventory information along with ordering parts from the field.

Technicians can transmit parts information in real time using a smart device for bar code scanning, , including parts used or returned for repair, providing you an accurate, current view of location and asset stocking levels.

ServiceMax let's you achieve impeccable Field Service by offering a state-of-the-art cutting edge solution. We are the only one to offer complete cloud-based end-to-end suite of field service applications. This helps drive a change across all field service functions including:

  • Contracts
  • Parts
  • Social Collaboration
  • Customer and Partner Portals
  • Scheduling

Offering full BYOD mobility across the product suite, we have scalable and most trusted cloud platform in the world.

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