Manage Spare Parts and Logistics with ServiceMax

There is nothing more frustrating for your customer or technician to hear than the required part is not available and they will need to schedule a return trip. It is an inefficient use of time, and ultimately a waste of resources. With ServiceMax, the only complete and end-to-end field service solution, this won't happen. Accurate tracking of all inventory on the cloud ensures you know where parts and products are at all time.

ServiceMax delivers visibility into the availability of parts no matter what their location is - trunk, warehouse or depot repair facility. In addition, trigger-based alerts for auto-replenishment minimize overstock and prevent stock “run outs”. With ServiceMax, parts inventories stay optimal so you can:

  • Ensure the right technician has the right part when he arrives at the customer site
  • Reduce costs by using refurbished parts or products to increase spare parts inventory
  • Provide audit trails on all parts movements thus complying with regulatory requirements
  • Increase technician utilization rates by making it easier and faster to enter the use of a part or order parts on the go

To learn more about how ServiceMax's spare parts management and product suite can help your business, watch the video and schedule a demo today.

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