Use Technician Scheduling Software for Improved Workforce Optimization

Workforce scheduling & optimization are two crucial elements of a field service business. Field technician job allocation is an intricate process. You have to dispatch a field tech that is suitable for a specified task equipped with the correct parts. ServiceMax's field technician scheduling software helps.

To ensure high business efficiency and customer delight you have to make sure that:

  • The right field tech has been allocated to accomplish a particular task
  • Field techs are not busy with inflexible schedules
  • Priority customers are attended first
  • Field techs focus on work and eliminate unnecessary travel
  • Consumer appointment time slots are attended on time

ServiceMax's field technician scheduling software offers an intelligent UI that manages all types of scheduling processes. It seamlessly manages the schedules of your own field techs and partner techs. The software has an intuitive Dispatch Console that can generate and allocate schedules for various field work orders.

Do you want to bring down the mean time to repair and maximize the first time fixes? Discover ServiceMax today!

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