Top Field Service Companies Are Moving to the Cloud

Today, the top field service companies are gradually shifting to cloud. On-premise field service applications are complicated, costly and slow. Field service is constantly evolving. A cloud-based field service suite easily adapts to the changing business needs. ServiceMax can help.

Field service organizations are streamlining their technology to concentrate on the most important business objective i.e. to ensure customer delight. ServiceMax's cloud-based field service suite is scalable and helps users to function on a low-priced subscription model.

The key-benefits of a cloud-based field service solution are:

  • Affordability, as you no longer need to pay for all the products, people and facilities to operate them
  • Security and reliability
  • Allows you to be up and running within a few weeks
  • Your applications gets performance, new features and security enhancements automatically
  • Offers you a "pay as you go" model

Want to be listed amongst the top field service companies? Choose ServiceMax.

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