Boost Service Delivery Chain Efficiency with Web Based Dispatch Software

Skilled dispatchers need to balance field tech territories, parts movement, priority customers, skill sets, situation severity and other data with ease. Arranging this data in an automated manner will help you streamline scheduling and dispatch. ServiceMax’s web based dispatch software helps.

Optimax from ServiceMax functions as a web based dispatch software and helps in efficient workforce optimization and scheduling. It frees you from manual dispatch with its intelligent Dispatch Console. Use ServiceMax to:

  • Boost the scopes of first time closure by allocating the correct job to a field worker
  • Increase profits by allowing field techs to complete more work everyday
  • Maximize field tech utilization rates with automated dispatch
  • Enhance customer delight through timely arrivals and fast resolution times
  • Maximize technician utilization, minimize expenses as well as overtime by optimizing the fuel consumption

Want to boost to your service delivery chain efficiency? Get ServiceMax.

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