What is Field Service Automation

For today's enterprise field service organizations, managing the schedules and deployment of hundreds of technicians, tracking thousands of parts, covering dozens of warranties is something that analog methods can no longer keep up with. A modern field service organization requires levels of automation for scheduling the right technicians to the right job as well as parts, return, and repair allotment.

If you are using dissimilar silos of data and complex spreadsheets to manage your field service business or even heavy duty software, it is time to rethink field service. ServiceMax field service automation software helps enterprise businesses improve efficiency and decrease costs.

ServiceMax cloud-based field service solution guarantees customer satisfaction. It helps to achieve business agility and increased productivity. Use ServiceMax field service automation software to:

  • Allocate the correct field tech with the right task and parts
  • Avert warranty leakage and drive service revenue
  • Monitor repairs, returns and parts across the field service network
  • Provide anytime and anywhere access to field techs with ServiceMax Mobile
  • Offer self-service tools to customers
  • Obtain analytics that offer instant inputs on reports and dashboards

With ServiceMax, perfecting field service becomes a breeze. Download the White Paper to learn more.

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