Work Order Dispatch Software

ServiceMax order dispatch software empowers your dispatchers to quickly and efficiently assign available technicians to the day's open work orders. With a compiled view of all unassigned work orders and technician calendars on the same screen, ServiceMax dispatch software delivers instant visibility to the entire operation, anytime!

By leveraging a scalable cloud platform, this leading work order dispatch software enables you to manage territories as well as schedules for multiple work orders using the intelligent drag and dispatch option. ServiceMax extensive scheduling capabilities supports:

  • Interactive scheduling
  • Self scheduling
  • Automated scheduling (rule-based)
  • End-to-end workforce optimization

Companies adopt ServiceMax field service software suite to efficiently manage every facet of field service, from scheduling, contract entitlements, workforce optimization, parts logistics, inventory management to the access to partner and customer communities. ServiceMax's field service software has been designed and developed as a native of SalesForce cloud applications. This ensures that the consumers a low cost subscription model completely integrated with CRM.

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