Work Order Management

Streamline the entire work order process, from request to the presentation of a pro-forma invoice, for techs or partner service teams. Empower techs to update and complete the work orders online using a laptop or any mobile device. They can also access a knowledge information system and social tools whilst the repair. When the work order gets completed, the technicians are able to debrief and log parts, labor time, consumables and write detailed notes on the resolution. The tech can also present the work order or the pro-forma invoice for signature during on site, saving time and guaranteeing that the work will be billed at the correct time. This lowers the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and greatly maximizes technician utilization, as they spend valuable time at the site of the job instead of going back and forth from the office.

ServiceMax Work Order Management offers detailed applications that the field service companies must utilize for creating the best-in-class status.

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