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Founded in 1974, Lowry Solutions has transformed from a computer peripheral equipment reseller into an industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solutions provider that specializes in supply chain tracking and traceability solutions, enterprise mobility and managed print services, all of which enhance accountability, process control, and operational effectiveness.


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“Our goals were to grow revenue and sell more service. Thanks to ServiceMax Asset 360 and Salesforce being so interconnected, our teams have better visibility and we can push folks to promote the value of extended service coverage, up front and often. We’ve seen service contract attach rates go up by 17% and our renewal rate is up 14% since going live with ServiceMax.”

Sean Lowry
Sr VP of Sales and Service


Lowry Solutions’ previously siloed systems left them with incomplete and disparate data, a lack of automation slowed down processes and required manual entry and research. Their leadership knew they could better serve their customers, scale the business, and obtain clear visibility of key performance indicators and financial metrics with a consolidated, cloud-based system that connects sales and service by enabling a 360 degree view of the customer relationship.

By leveraging data from Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Pardot marketing automation, and ServiceMax, Lowry is able to drive automated campaigns for assets with service not sold and universal visibility across all parts of their business.

Lowry Solutions partnered with Salesforce, ServiceMax and Bolt Data to extend their use of Sales Cloud, to create a seamless service solution that would address the above challenges, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.


The integrated field service solution now enables optimized field service and depot processes, better data management and ultimately improved customer satisfaction:

  • Sophisticated contract management and entitlement automation that maps to the realities of how Lowry customers buy, deploy, and receive service for their products”.
  • Asset lifecycle management that ensures products, components, and parts are managed from installation to decommission, including depot repair processes such as:
    • With repair and return, products come into the Lowry service center, get repaired there or at an OEM partner site, and then sent back to the customer. All stakeholders can track and trace the affected assets at every step of the repair process.
    • With advanced exchange, equipment pre-purchased by the customer is staged at the Lowry site, ready to be deployed to the customer should another unit fail or require repair. When this happens, the customer sends the unit for repair to Lowry, and Lowry sends the customer the staged unit, minimizing downtime and reducing inventory exposure.

Future phases of the Salesforce and ServiceMax rollout by Bolt Data will include a customer community and integration with Lowry’s new ERP system, furthering the seamless flow of information from customers and 3rd party contractors to the service organization, with financial information flowing into the ERP system.


Lowry Solutions has already seen their service business working more efficiently and generating more service revenue since they went live:

  • Increased contract attach rate by 17%
  • Increased renewal rate by 14%
  • Reduced renewal process time from days to 10-30 minutes per renewal
  • Better visibility of key metrics and financial reporting

The team is tracking many metrics and expects to see improvements in MTTR (mean time to repair) with customers and/or via partners along with sustained and/or increased customer satisfaction.