Remote Triage

Aquant's service intelligence platform supercharges service performance by unlocking a new dimension of insight from enterprises' existing data. The platform mines and analyzes data that is scattered across different systems, hidden in free text, and locked in the minds of the enterprise's most experienced people. In only days, Aquant pulls that information from all these sources, executes Natural Language Processing algorithms to convert the free text into structured data, and applies machine learning to all that newly mined data. Then, it's easy for your organization's experts to validate and optimize those findings based on their tribal knowledge. Through Aquant's Intelligent Triage product, teams get automated answers to their customer queries, all from your organization's existing data. As a result, your team will improve first time resolution, optimize service team performance, mitigate risk, and drive exceptional customer experiences.

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Platform Compatibility
Salesforce Platform (OEM License)
Installation Partner Geography
North America
ServiceMax Mobility Platforms Supported
Apple iPad
Web Browser
Supports Offline Use Cases

Features and Benefits

Increase First Contact Resolution
Solve customer challenges remotely, without costly onsite visits. When your customer-facing agents are equipped with AI-driven insights, they can identify root causes quickly and deliver the correct solution. Aquant clients report a 15% increase in first contact resolution.
Decrease Repeat Site Visits
When service pros are unable to diagnose the correct issue to customer problems, technicians must make repeat site visits to make consultations and repairs. Unnecessary site visits make an impact on organizational efficiency, and drive up operational costs. With Aquant's insights, service pros can troubleshoot challenges before a tech is even dispatched, and deliver the correct solution on the first site visit. As a result, Aquant clients report a 29% decrease in repeat visits.
Automate Compliance Reporting
Eliminate the manual effort of compliance reporting for product complaints. Aquant makes it easy to automate reporting of customer issues to regulatory third parties.
Bridge the Skill Gap Across Your Team
With organizational insights at their fingertips, even your least tenured team members can be service stars. Only Aquant leverages machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and tribal knowledge to deliver insights. Your whole team is empowered with the wisdom of your most senior staff.
Reduce Parts Usage
When service pros can't diagnose challenges before going onsite, it drives an increase in expensive truck rolls and unnecessary parts usage. Aquant empowers techs to understand customer challenges before the first visit, so they can bring the right parts to their jobs. As a result, Aquant clients achieve an 18% decrease in parts usage.
Optimize Service Performance
Aquant delivers business insights to service leaders, so they can monitor and optimize service performance metrics that drive performance. Aquant delivers automated insights that empower service leaders to track and assess individual and team KPIs, and evaluate customer-level metrics like volume of support cases and likelihood of customer churn.
Optimize Field Routing
Efficient field routing requires real-time analysis of multiple data points, like technicians' location, skill set, and van stock. Aquant's AI-driven insights automatically deliver that insight, enabling more efficient case resolution.