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Innovation Works Better Together

ServiceMax’s powerful platform provides rich content that enables critical stakeholders using ServiceMax apps. When these work Better Together, you get:

  • A complete customer experience
  • An engaged service team
  • Rich service data for enhanced automation and collaboration
  • Critical business insight to support business growth
Watch Them in Action

Customers Get More When Engage Works Better Together

ServiceMax Engage puts the end customer in the driver’s seat with relevant information about their assets and service work. Connect it with:

  • Zinc to drive improved self-service, remote technical support, and collaboration
  • Optimization and Service Board to propose and schedule service appointments
  • ServiceMax Go to stay on top of technician location and appointment status
ServiceMax Engage

When ServiceMax first introduced Engage earlier this year, we recognized the huge potential it had to improve service outcomes and increase customer satisfaction. ServiceMax Engage is much more than a service request app—it puts the power to manage assets directly in the hands of our customers. With ServiceMax Engage, we are closing a critical part of our feedback loop and improving both the customer experience and the quality of our asset data.

Mark Hessinger
SVP Global Customer Success, 3D Systems

Service Team Members Get More when Zinc Works Better Together

Zinc puts powerful collaboration tools in the hands of your customers, technical support agents, dispatchers, technicians and more. Connect it with:

  • Engage to drive improved remote technical support between customers and service team
  • Service Board to allow dispatchers and technicians to plan their work and make necessary adjustments
  • ServiceMax Go to allow for technicians to collaborate with Experts to support improved resolution
ServiceMax Zinc on mobile and laptop devices

Zinc has helped our Field Service teams operationally in a variety of important ways: we can resolve critical issues faster, office based members of the service department can instantly communicate with the field thanks to desktop apps, and our service teams can quickly communicate and collaborate without having to switch between several apps.

Sean Jordan
Service Director, BioTek Instruments

Dispatchers Get More when Service Board Works Better Together

Service Board provides powerful planning and scheduling tools to your dispatchers. Connect it with:

  • Zinc to enable dispatchers and technicians to adjust schedules proactively
  • Zinc and ServiceMax Go to allow for dispatchers and technicians to plan and collaborate on routes
  • Engage via Optimization to allow for customers to select available appointment windows
Service Board

With the ‘Recommend Resources’ in Service Board, you just click in: You have your constraints. You have data for trainings. Data for the work order. Geolocation for both the FE and the customer site. There you go. Just click and you see who is the best resource. 10 seconds. That’s all you need.

Lucas Argentim
Staff Technical Product Manager, GE Healthcare
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