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Connected Field Service

Elevate to proactive service

for greater productivity and better products

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What do smart, connected products do for your business?

+11%Customer Satisfaction
+18%Technician Productivity

A visible, connected installed base has the power to fundamentally change the way you deliver products and services. Outages and downtime are minimized, calls to the service desk to log a “case” become obsolete, and most importantly, your customer stays delighted. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer increases customer satisfaction by 11%* and increases technician productivity by 18%*.
*Average ServiceMax customer results, based on a survey conducted in September 2016.

Solutions to Improve Customer Experience

ServiceMax Customer Video - Topcon Medical Systems

See how Topcon Medical uses ServiceMax for better visibility across its organization

In service, visibility and access are priceless. Nothing has the potential to frustrate and disappoint your customer more than a support engineer or call center agent who doesn’t know the details behind their issue – their service history, products installed and preferences. ServiceMax gives you a 360 degree view of the customer, and with connected products delivers unfettered access to monitor devices remotely. You know the exact where, when and how of serviceable products, so customers stay happy and you stay profitable.

Connected Field Service

Elevate to proactive service for greater productivity and better products
Your flagship product just sent an alert from the customer’s location, it’s failing, downtime is imminent, but you don't worry. You have all the information you need to diagnose the issue, automate a detailed work order, send an engineer and fix the problem before it ever becomes one. Sound too good to be true?

Well, the future of field service is here. Together with PTC Thingworx, ServiceMax delivers the first ever connected field service product.

Interact in real-time with connected products to perform remote service

Embedded mash-ups of machine data for remote monitoring

Avoid downtime and eliminate need for on-site service calls with remote access, file transfers and software management

Automatically trigger work orders based on connected product alerts

Easily interact and manage connected products in the field

Identify and diagnose product issues remotely to eliminate unnecessary service calls and improve first time fix rate

Provide contextual repair procedures for each connected device and the problem encountered

Complete remote documentation, including interactive 3D models

Connected Field Service Customer Case Study - Elekta

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