ServiceMax Engage: Delight Your Customers and Drive Asset-Data Quality

ServiceMax Engage is a turnkey mobile app that connects service organizations with their end customers—the equipment owners and operators—to improve customer experience and asset data quality.

When ServiceMax first introduced Engage earlier this year, we recognized the huge potential it had to improve service outcomes and increase customer satisfaction. ServiceMax Engage is much more than a service request app—it puts the power to manage assets directly in the hands of our customers. With ServiceMax Engage, we are closing a critical part of our feedback loop and improving both the customer experience and the quality of our asset data.

Mark Hessinger
SVP Global Customer Success, 3D Systems
ServiceMax Engage Overview and Assets

ServiceMax Engage

To improve the experience of their customers, service organizations are increasingly seeking to involve them in the service process. They do that by providing greater visibility into how service is being performed, and by giving their end users an active role in initiating and even performing minor repairs on their own. In turn, engaged end customers help improve the quality and completeness of asset data, contributing to productivity and equipment uptime for service providers and manufacturers.

While web-based portals can play an important role in an organization’s omnichannel strategy, they typically fall short in meeting customer expectations in terms of usability and functionality. Nor are portals designed to leverage end users in addressing the challenge of ensuring complete and accurate data for their assets. What’s needed to fill the gap in a mobile-first world is an app that is both user-friendly and asset-centric—or in short: ServiceMax Engage.

In the same way a banking mobile app lets you review your assets and transactions to gain better insight into your finances, Engage allows your customers to be kept informed of service interventions, service history and asset data quality.

ServiceMax Engage Admin

Enhance the User Experience

Delivering the best possible experience for its users is the guiding principle in the development of Engage. That means the Engage mobile app makes it easy to locate assets, raise requests, and keep abreast of appointments, work orders, and cases.

For the administrators, Engage provides a refined UI and dedicated tools to quickly set up, test, and manage the mobile app and its users. Engage also includes white labelling capabilities that allows them to fully brand the mobile app according to the CI specifications of the organization.

Empower Your Customers
with Self-Service

The most common customer request is to request a technician visit. However, basically every interaction with a customer includes an ask. After purchasing their assets, customers might move them to another location, sell them on, or add new assets acquired via M&A. Engage allows service organizations to accommodate all kinds of scenarios and create requests with minimal effort: Scheduling technician visits, opening cases, filing a warranty claim, updating asset location, reporting missing assets, requesting a site inspection, making an appointment with sales to discuss a new contract or equipment purchase.

For the Engage users, it only takes a few taps to complete each request. For example, from viewing all their assets by location, they can attach multiple assets to one request, all in one go – which is a real time saver. At the same time, to cater to unique requirements, Engage allows service organizations to ask for additional information before users can submit their requests.

Engage has chat and hotline features built in to keep end customers more involved and provide service organizations with greater oversight of conversations between technicians and the users on the customer side. Asking for remote support is easy. End customers can just open a hotline conversation that is connected to the affected asset, to instantly get expert help via audio, video, and annotations.

ServiceMax Engage Overview showing metrics

Improve Asset-Data Quality
and Visibility

Service organizations can enable end customers to view and interact with in-depth asset data including performance metrics, bill of material, service history, and product manuals. Engage can also be utilized to gather feedback about the equipment and ask for asset data updates, e.g., when an asset location has changed, or assets from a company acquisition need to be added.

When automatic notifications are turned on, Engage users can choose which service process updates they want to receive by opting-in and opting-out. They can also subscribe to Product Broadcasts channels to follow announcements about favored topics.

ServiceMax Engage Appointment detail

Make the Service Process Completely Transparent

Instead of picking up the phone to ask when certain assets were last serviced or have preventive maintenance scheduled, end customers can view all past and upcoming appointments on Engage. They can also add appointments to their device’s calendar and see all assets with service due at a glance.

To let end customers know when exactly the field technician will arrive, Engage shows the technician’s location in real time on a map while continuously updating the estimated time of arrival. How it works? Engage is integrated with ServiceMax Go, the field technician’s mobile app and without prompts from either the field technician or the end user, the two apps communicate.

Every time a service visit is complete, service organizations can prompt the end customer, through a mini pop-up survey, to rate the technician’s work. Analyzing this feedback data helps service organizations make performance and resource decisions.

Boost Customer Engagement and Loyalty

Unify mobile and portal channels for a best-in-class experience

As an additional conduit for your brand, and to strengthen your omnichannel strategy, you can couple the ServiceMax Engage app with a ServiceMax Customer Community portal. Native to Salesforce and fully integrated with ServiceMax; you determine what and how much you want to share in the browser-based application. From Engage, you can dynamically link to pages in the customer portal or corporate site to perform more involved transactions such purchasing new products and service contracts. Additional configurability and extensibility are available so that you can moderate discussion forums, engage your product community and share data across multiple systems.

Customer Self-Service Communities
ServiceMax Engage Overview and Asset

The Tech Benefits of Using ServiceMax Engage

  • Broader functionality and enhanced usability versus a customer web portal
  • Turnkey app—no additional implementation costs and fast time to value
  • Custom UX – branded to your preferences
  • Rapid pace of innovation
  • Available for iOS and Android smartphones, Engage is native to both ServiceMax and Salesforce, ensuring performance and security
  • Easy integration with third-party apps to unlock new mobile experiences
  • Refined admin UI to set up, and manage Engage as well as test configurations
  • Full control over the configurable features including which reports to expose to the end users
  • A fully branded mobile experience can be made available for the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

“The latest innovation in field service mobile apps extends to putting them directly in the hands of customers, particularly business customers. Although it’s early days for customers using field service mobile apps directly, the results so far are promising. Giving customers more power to manage their them greater control...that has huge potential to improve outcomes. Empowering customers to be more hands-on in managing their assets also helps to close a critical part of the feedback loop for manufacturers. Customers are best placed to validate information about assets in the field.”

–Nicole France, Constellation Research

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