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Learn how ServiceMax can help you improve asset uptime and optimize resource productivity.

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Field Service Scheduling & Dispatch

Maximize dispatcher productivity with Service Board, the market-leading scheduling environment from ServiceMax

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Right job, right engineer, right parts with the best results

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ServiceMax ensures you send the right people to the right job at the right time, with remarkable results from our service scheduling software. The average ServiceMax customer increases field productivity by 23%* and reduces service costs by 14%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results


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Powerful Scheduling Software for
Field Service Organizations

See how GE Power drives efficiencies with ServiceMax Scheduling & Dispatch

Dispatchers and planners need to operate at maximum productivity to achieve the best outcomes for your service organization. Throughout the full asset lifecycle, dispatchers orchestrate all internal and external activities. That means supporting your dispatchers at every step of the field service delivery chain is key. Service Board, ServiceMax’s scheduling environment, provides comprehensive capabilities that help you improve technician utilization, service efficiency, and your customers’ experience.

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Service Board, the market-leading scheduling environment
from ServiceMax

Maximum productivity for your field service dispatchers

Drawing on expertise garnered from hundreds of customers, Service Board’s modern design and clever layout makes work order scheduling easy by following the dispatchers’ pattern of thought. Your dispatchers will love working faster with intelligent recommendations for resources, times, and schedules that are available with a click of a button. Service Board offers a powerful search, map layers, personalized views, notifications, shift management, project scheduling, crew management, location awareness to track technicians on a map, and many other features that will make your dispatchers more efficient and productive.

Service Board
Service Board

Schedule Optimization

Continuously optimize your service schedules for maximum efficiency

Talented and informed dispatchers work wonders with the daily schedule – balancing technician locations, skill sets, certifications, priority customers, and situation severity. But what happens when the number of technicians and work orders goes up or sudden service requests arrive from customer contacts and IoT-enabled assets? As complexity rises, humans need a bit of assistance – that's where Schedule Optimization comes in. Schedule Optimization from ServiceMax is an automated scheduling, workforce optimization and dispatch solution that provides the most effective allocation of your resources based on your business objectives. Your dispatch efficiency is dramatically improved and your technicians can complete more work orders each day.

Project Scheduling

Intelligent assistance and automation simplify complex scheduling jobs

Installations, overhauls and decommissions are multi-step processes consisting of interdependent tasks. If one task slips, the whole project may be at risk, causing painful delays and missed SLAs. Scheduling these jobs is time consuming even for seasoned dispatchers and planners. Available through Service Board, our project scheduling capabilities equip your dispatchers and planners with intelligent assistance and automation features to make project scheduling more efficient. Dispatchers and planners will particularly value that with the click of a button, the ServiceMax optimization engine proposes an optimized schedule. This greatly reduces the amount of effort and time dispatchers spend today on scheduling projects.

Dispatcher and planners use Service Board for competent project scheduling
Dispatcher and planners use Service Board for competent project scheduling

Crew Management

Service Board’s organized layout makes it easy for dispatchers to dynamically assemble and schedule crews

Servicing complex assets and completing project work often requires crews with diverse skills. With Service Board’s Crew Management, dispatchers can define crew leaders, select crew members and modify crew membership with simple drag-and drop. Then, dispatchers can instantly assign tasks to assembled service crews. ServiceMax takes the crew concept yet a step further: Members can view crew details on ServiceMax Go and contact each other.

Crew management with Service Board and ServiceMax Go
Crew management with Service Board and ServiceMax Go

Shift Management

Built-in functionality minimizes your dispatcher’s time to stay on top of service shifts

The ability to support shifts when scheduling work orders is crucial when you have a large, distributed workforce across different time zones or offer extended hours of service. With Service Board, you can create standard or complex shift plan cycles of any length – days, weeks, months, with specific start or end dates – and have the flexibility to override shifts with public or personal holidays. When assigning technicians, you can roster them to multiple shifts at different rates, and on different days. Service Board also enables you to define on-call schedules and display them in different colors to make them easily identifiable. With its modern design, Service Board makes it effortless for dispatchers to assign jobs to technicians working in shifts.

Service Board supports complex and simple shift requirements
Service Board supports complex and simple shift requirements

Learn how ServiceMax can help you improve asset uptime and optimize resource productivity

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