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Hotline Groups

Hotline Groups allow technicians to get immediate help from experts, as well as easily contact specific departments. With Hotline Groups, technicians can send a request to a group they are not a member of. This allows teams to reduce the number of emails, phone calls and rogue group conversations that create noise and distractions while on the job. Whenever a technician needs to talk with a specific type of person, such as a product expert, dispatcher, or HR team member, they simply send a message to the corresponding Hotline Group, and a Hotline staffer or a chatbot picks up the request.

Zinc Hotline Groups

Request Handling

Once a Hotline staffer or a chatbot has picked up a request, a new conversation is automatically created between the expert and on-site technician. From there, the technician can work through the issue with the expert or get simple requests worked out with a chatbot. Through this functionality, you can also ensure privacy and confidentiality is maintained when necessary, such as an HR benefits question.

Zinc Request Handling

Request Management

Hotline Request Management makes it easy for expert staffers to keep track of and pick up requests as they come in. The Request Queue displays incoming requests prominently, along with the current wait times. If an expert picks up a request, but realizes they need additional help, they can easily add additional people to the conversation. Sometimes requests need to be escalated to a higher level of support, or require different expertise. In these cases, the Hotline staffers can easily transfer ownership of the request to another Hotline. When the new owner joins, they are added to the ongoing conversation, making it easy to catch up on the question at hand.

Zinc Request Management

Hotline Analytics

All interactions, from the moment a Hotline request is submitted to the time it is marked as resolved, are timestamped and measured for analytics reporting. These analytics aid in workforce planning based on request volume as well as help pinpoint anomalies in processes across teams and people.

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Zinc Hotline Analytics

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