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Zinc Group Analytics
Zinc Group Analytics

Adoption Analytics

Easily track the rollout of Zinc and monitor adoption using Membership and Activity Reports. The Membership Report provides internal communication analytics by tracking how many users have been added to your organization and who has logged into the app. Activity Reports show user activity levels across messages sent and calls made, so you can identify which types of messages (text, audio, image, video, thumbs up, file, and location) and which types of calls (voice or video) are the most popular. With insight into activity levels, you can correlate communication frequency to technician performance to identify best practices. Oftentimes, the most active communicators are also the highest performers.

Internal Communication Analytics

  • Number of messages sent
  • Types of messages sent
  • Most active Zinc users
  • Number of calls made
  • Types of calls made
  • Disengaged users
Zinc Adoption Analytics

Communication Patterns

Visualize how your workforce is communicating and understand the specific patterns and trends that affect operations with internal communication analytics. The Network Map delivers a complete visual of how different groups and teams interact within the organization. This data allows you to identify disconnected field technicians, map performance against communication habits, and understand the organizational structure based on actual communication patterns.

Group reports show the level of user activity broken down by type of group: Official, Ad Hoc, and unnamed Ad Hoc groups. This allows you to understand which topics are most pressing among field teams and which teams or regions communicate the most or least, which can then be correlated to performance. Tracking the creation of Ad Hoc groups is especially useful in proactively solving front-line issues that haven’t made their way to corporate or management teams.

Internal Communication Analytics

  • Group creation
  • Group growth
  • Group engagement
  • Frequency of interaction
  • Intensity of interactions
Zinc Communication Patterns

Hotline Analytics

The Hotline Report provides you with insights on how Hotline Groups are used at an organization, and helps you identify which employees are leveraging the feature and who makes the most requests. You can also see how quickly staffers respond to requests, which staffers respond more frequently, and how long it takes for requests to be resolved.

Work Communication Analytics

  • Request opened at
  • Request claimed at
  • First response at
  • Last interaction at
  • Closed at
Zinc Hotline Analytics

ServiceMax Zinc Intelligent Remote Service Software

Guaranteed security, privacy and compliance


  • Military-Grade Encryption
  • Customer Data Security
  • Data Center Security
  • Application Security
  • Business Continuity and Reliability


  • Data Ownership
  • Custom Data Storage and Deletion
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • SSO and SAML 2.0

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