Customer Education User Enablement

Software adoption is an ongoing endeavor and it impacts the success of every system deployment. At ServiceMax, maximum adoption is the main goal for all education engagements. We understand that the path to success is different for each organization, given unique learning needs and preferences. That’s why we offer flexible education options for end-user training.

Role Based End User Engagement

All training engagements focus on the fundamentals of software—terminology, basic system navigation and how the application features are used. Rarely do you get the full picture of “a day in the life” for every person who’ll come to rely on the system. Here at ServiceMax, we believe that showing people how they work within the system, case-by-case for the roles they play is the key to understanding the impact they’ll have. With a tried and tested process for role-based training, your ServiceMax learners understand how they affect business processes efficiencies and the success of others on their team.


Provide the background on the concepts to be learned with customer specific use cases and scenarios


Reinforce the concepts with a step-by-step walkthrough of the scenario


Engage in active learning with hands on exercises and a complete training environment

Train the Trainer Engagement

Sometimes software training needs to go beyond traditional end-user engagements. When service organizations need to educate large teams or deliver training across regions and divisions, they want a ready, internal education team that meets all timelines and objectives for their software deployments. That's why Education Services offers specialized ServiceMax training that not only delivers the fundamentals of ServiceMax, but also passes on the training expertise of our Education Consultants. With Train the Trainer engagements, our team fully prepares "superusers", training teams and others to deliver impactful internal training sessions that meet all ongoing educational goals.

How it Works
Teach the Training Methods

Best practices workshop for your training staff

Deliver the Learners' Experience

Demonstration of training delivery from ServiceMax consultants

Enable the Trainers

Instruction on proven training methods

Observe and Feedback

Trainer readiness assessment via a training dry-run

Support Initial Engagement

ServiceMax Consultant backup of for your first training session

Need a Quick Engagement to Prepare Your Internal Training Team?

Check out our Essentials for Trainers Workshop.

Which Engagement Do I Choose?

Training is essential—that's why many organizations have to decide on which type of training engagement is best for their organization.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when you make the big decision.

  1. What is my training budget for this implementation?
  2. Will this be a regional or global rollout?
  3. What is the timeline for the training effort?
  4. Should I have a dedicated training resource that can develop and deliver this content?

Field service organizations may opt for only one of the two options or both depending on the size of their ServiceMax deployment plans. The following table provides details on the user engagement options.

End User Train the Trainer
Modular Role Breakdown x x
Step-by-Step Demonstrations x x
Hands-on Exercises x x
PowerPoint Presentation with Exercises x x
Essentials for Trainers Virtual Workshop x
Instructor's Guide x
Training Best Practices & Troubleshooting Guidance x
Trainer Teachbacks by Module x
360 Degree Feedback x

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