ServiceMax Careers

Our commitment to our customers is only as great as the team making it happen, which is why we place such important emphasis on hiring the best talent out there. Are you up for the challenge?

The ServiceMax Way

Who is Servicemax? We are a company of innovators, thinkers and doers who care passionately about changing the world. How? By rethinking the massive and growing industry that keeps our world running — field service. There are more than five million field technicians in the US and tens of millions across the globe. The machines and equipment we use every day — in our homes, at our offices, in hospitals and just about everywhere — need to be installed, fixed and serviced, and these field technicians are tasked with keeping our worlds and the world running every single day.

We are on a mission... to revolutionize Field Service, through our product, our customers and most importantly, our employees.


ServiceMax provides competitive compensation packages, including base salary, performance-based bonus programs, career development opportunities, as well as a comprehensive benefits and welfare program.


From a flexible time off policy to weekly lunches, company sponsored events and awesome coworkers, we pride ourselves in creating an environment and culture that inspires our employees to be the best they can be.

Our Guiding Principles

“Respect & Humility are the key elements that provide a platform for ONE & ALL to share ideas and knowledge in a harmonious and collaborative environment.”

Rajesh PV

“Our customers are the driving force behind everything we do - the application, the implementation, and the relationships we build are what pushes us to do better and be better. Working for ServiceMax has solidified my belief that we have the power to make an impact in our customers' lives and the way they conduct their business.”


"Everyone, from our super positive support technicians to our CEO is focussed on driving us and our company to unparalleled excellence. The team is always working to ensure their part of the process or their role in the engagement is executed perfectly...this makes the job of winning that much easier and rewarding.”


"We have to continuously challenge ourselves, to be fearless about thought leadership, to find better ways to enable our customers to deliver the best field service experience, and to imagine customers' tomorrow's challenges, today. Innovation is not a one time activity. It’s a culture thing."


"Every employee at ServiceMax is moving forward. We are constantly striving to be the best versions of ourselves, through advancing our skills, knowledge, and ultimately our impact on field service."


"It takes one to know one. Being good partners and investing in enabling and educating them takes time and commitment. Our partner ecosystem is built on one that re-enforces what we all know about the transformational power of ServiceMax."


"I have never worked for another company where hiring the best talent in the market was such a focus. We not only hire based on skill set and experience but also the loveability factor as well."


“It's been 9 years since I joined ServiceMax and to this date, I feel as energized and excited to come to work every morning as I did on my first day. I continue to feel encouraged and supported as I take on new challenges.”


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