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Digital Transformation Featuring Kodak Alaris


View this webinar to learn how ServiceMax customer Kodak Alaris was able to improve their customer satisfaction, service productivity, and utilization by consolidating and digitizing their workflow.

Building a Resilient Service Experience with Asset 360


Companies across all industries are having to reimagine how they operate. Requirements for equipment performance have intensified, while customer expectations continue to rise. To succeed and remain competitive, organizations must advance beyond the standard break-fix model to ensure uptime for important assets in a safe and compliant manner. Service teams must prioritize efficient asset performance, as well as the customer experience they provide. Listen to Mark Cattini, Salesforce, Stacey Epstein, ServiceMax, and Kate Leggett, Forrester.

ServiceMax 20.2 Release


At ServiceMax we are committed to adding new features to ServiceMax Core that drive value for our customers and enable them to explore new field service use cases. In release 20.2, we deliver key innovations to help service organizations tackle challenges around field change orders.

Digital Transformation for Long-Term Sustainability


  • Life Science & Medical Equipment

Manufacturers today face pressure to improve their customer service and productivity, while handicapped with aging technology stacks. They know they need to upgrade but are challenged on how to align their tech plans with their customer obligations. One company that faced problems just like this was GE Healthcare. GE Healthcare needed to improve the patient experience and reduce interruptions to medical care. Its mainframe systems did not provide visibility across asset lifecycles, preventing the insight needed for field teams to deliver the right customer experience. With increasing demand across the product development and service delivery chain, GE Healthcare had to provide an advanced level of service to its customers.

Making the Most of Zinc


Join Zinc product experts Jon Martin and Scott Ewart to learn how to best leverage Zinc across your field service organization. This is a great session for new and old Zinc users to learn how to make the most of Zinc’s unique real-time communication features. Jon & Scott will cover: product features, best practices for managing your Zinc instance, and roadmap features including remote triage and knowledge management.

[Innovation Series] Proactive Maintenance — Simplified


Product Focus: Proactive Maintenance. Key Takeaways: How to move from time-based to condition-based to IoT-based maintenance strategies.



Across the last few months Field Service News in partnership with ServiceMax have hosted a series of in depth Think Tank sessions with a series of senior service leaders to dig deeper into the challenges and opportunities that our industry face currently.



As we look at field service in this state of COVID-19, we are seeing some companies thrive, especially in the medical sector. But for most, the lockdown is causing huge strain, not only on revenue but also as companies do their best to look after their employees.

[Innovation Series] Are Installations Piling Up? Complex Jobs Simplified!


Product Focus: Project Scheduling. Key Takeaways: Understand ServiceMax’s offering for project scheduling, multi-appointment jobs, multi-resource jobs, crew management, and shift plans.

Field Service Circle Virtual


Since we can't meet in person, we are bringing our Field Service Circles to you. Join us for insightful conversation and collaborative knowledge sharing around Field Service during these challenging times!

How B. Braun Ensures Regulatory Compliance


  • Life Science & Medical Equipment

In a fast changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment, it can be difficult to ensure compliance to an ever-changing array of medical device regulations in multiple countries. To stay compliant, but also to provide global traceability and to obtain service data from its global markets, B. Braun chose the ServiceMax Field Service Software.

20.1 Client Product Release


ServiceMax's 20.1 Client product release is now available! From being able to schedule more nearby jobs, to offering faster access to knowledge when at a customer site — the new product release delivers features that help dispatchers, planners, and technicians be more effective in their jobs.

Best Practices for Depot Repair


  • Machinery
  • Mechanical or Industrial Manufacturing

Join this webinar to learn about strategies that can streamline, simplify and automate your depot repair processes. Topics include: How to craft a depot repair solution that's right for your business model; Streamlining processes for efficiency; and Increasing communication with customers through automated updates.

[Innovation Series] The Do's and Don'ts of Contractor Management


Product Focus: Partner Communities. Key Takeaways: Options for handling resource crunch. Tips for reducing process complexity, communicating with contractors, measuring service quality.

Medical Device Expert Talks: Accelerating digital transformation


Discover how Service Council, ServiceMax, and ProntoForms explored what Philips Healthcare and Medtronic are doing to empower their service business through digital transformation.

Service, Sustain, Succeed: How Service Keeps the World Running


Our guest speaker, Chris Westlake, Global Process Owner of Service and Repair at Medtronic, joins Shawn LaRocco, VP of Digital Transformation at ServiceMax, to share their experience steering the service organizations during these challenging times and their perspective on the future of business. Medtronic and other medical device and life science companies are at the forefront of this crisis, working around the clock to ensure critical equipment is up and running reliably. This shock to the system has forced field service providers to re-evaluate how they run their organizations.

[Innovation Series] Mobile For the Next Generation of Technicians


Product Focus: ServiceMax Go. Key Takeaways: Understand how mobile features like offline access, asset location and service history, connected conversations, and real-time notifications help technicians deliver faster and better service.

Asset 360™: Foundation for the Future of Field Service Management


Companies servicing high value, complex, mission-critical equipment need a complete view of their assets to run a profitable business. Adopting an Asset 360™ strategy enables you to drive efficiencies in your processes and deliver maximum uptime to your customers. Watch the replay of Stacey Epstein's Asset 360™ Keynote to learn how you can increase uptime, reduce costs, and maintain compliance through an asset-centric approach.

20.1 Release: New Features To Help You Achieve Uptime


Manufacturers in asset-centric industries recognize that in addition to having a comprehensive understanding of their customers, they must also have this level of understanding when it comes to their assets. This means knowing how their equipment is doing once it has left their premises, as well as enabling their workforce with the right tools to keep the equipment up and running. For asset-centric service companies, ensuring consistent uptime for customers is everything.

[Innovation Series] 5 Proven Ways to Master Parts Management


Product Focus: Parts Management. Key Takeaways: How ServiceMax enables you to move from break-fix to proactive maintenance and proactively manage parts, easily locate parts, manage your min/max levels, deploy Remote Triage, and more.

[Innovation Series] Secrets of Efficient Scheduling Revealed


Product Focus: Service Board. Key Takeaways: Value of asset centricity. Three requirements necessary to make dispatchers effective and efficient.

[Innovation Series] 3 Steps for Growing Your Contract Renewal Rates in 2020


Product Focus: Service Contracts & Entitlements. Key Takeaways: Use a system and process to price & deliver service consistently. Features that help design compelling and profitable service contracts for your customers. Demonstrate value to customers as you go.

ServiceMax Launch 19.3


Establishing the right business processes in the field helps you utilize your workforce most effectively and empowers people to do their best work; ultimately leading to higher productivity and better customer satisfaction. View our 19.3 release webinar to learn more about the innovations that help you build out, adjust, and enforce business processes.

[Innovation Series] Your 2020 Must-Haves for a Profitable Service Business


Product Focus: Installed Base Management. Key Takeaways: Importance of understanding and having full visibility into your installed base. Ways to grow the topline while also cutting costs.

[Innovation Series] How Real-Time Communication Can Supercharge Technician Productivity


Product Focus: Zinc. Key Takeaways: Impact of real-time communication on service teams. How ServiceMax is taking advantage of new technologies including AI, AR, and bots.

From Grease To Code: What Drives Digital Service Transformation


ServiceMax commissioned Forrester Consulting to examine the impact of service transformation globally — from how equipment is managed, to what workforce skills are required to maintain them, to which business models will drive monetisation and superior customer experience

Don't Leave Techs to Their Own Devices


It's standard that everyone on your field service team has mobile devices, whether company-provided or BYOD. But, how field teams communicate and which apps they use to communicate, has not been given much attention. There is a real opportunity to move the needle on productivity levels by equipping teams with effective, purpose-built apps that help get work done.

Remote Triage – Harness Service Data With AI to Reduce Truck Rolls


Every time a service technician is needlessly dispatched to a work site, or fails to complete a job during the first visit due to an unexpected problem, it cuts into your bottom line. Even service organizations that track asset movement in near real time often need help pinpointing the causes of equipment failures and deciding on the best measures to take.

ServiceMax Launch 19.1


In the quest for revenue growth, service organizations are determined to improve customer experience through innovation, ultimately increasing profitability, offering new products, and entering new markets. Critical to any service innovation undertaking is a service execution platform that is equally as innovative.

Servicemax Field Service Management Product Demo


View this product demo webinar to see ServiceMax in action! On average, our customers achieve an average increase in service revenue by 10% and increased productivity by 19%. Are you ready to see how ServiceMax can help you achieve these results?

Untapped Potential: The 5 Sustainability Opportunities for Service Execution


Companies that are committed to sustainability are increasingly efficient, use fewer resources, create less waste to generate a unit of revenue, and produce higher returns on investment. In fact, Aberdeen found that nearly half of the Best-in-Class companies currently have a service-specific sustainability initiative in place. More telling than current adoption rates is the reason why organisations are looking to sustainability initiatives in the first place - to increase productivity and resource utilisation, enhance speed of service delivery, and eliminate service-related costs.

Optimizing Service Delivery for Industrial Manufacturers and Asset Operators


All manufacturer operations – from pharmaceutical manufacturers to power plant operations to energy producers and everyone in between -- need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. Asset failures can cost companies like yours hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, reduced durability, and increased safety and compliance risks. By transforming service delivery from manual processes to digital service execution, you can provide smarter maintenance while also optimizing resource utilization and improving safety and compliance indicators. Join this webinar from ServiceMax to learn how to improve your service execution.

Which Field Service Contractor Management Model Is Right For You?


Successfully outsourcing field service work to contractors is more than just handing off work orders to third-party technicians. To get it right, you need to be aware of common contractor engagement models, as well as their uses cases and limitations. View this 30-minute webinar to understand the growing adoption of outsourcing by TSIA Field Services members and the primary drivers for these initiatives. You’ll also learn how to get a jumpstart on developing your field work outsourcing strategy. Using practical customer examples, we will take a close look at the pros, the cons, and lessons learned.

Optimising Service Delivery For Asset Operators


Whether you are in the business of running a power plant, developing an oil field or operating a fleet of aircraft, mission critical assets need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. Asset failures can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, reduced durability, and increased safety and compliance risks. By transforming service delivery from manual processes to digital service execution, companies provide smarter maintenance while also optimizing resource utilization and improving safety and compliance indicators.

Efficient Plant - Optimizing Service Delivery for Asset Operators


Whether you are in the business of operating a power plant, developing an oil field, or manufacturing pharmaceuticals, your mission-critical assets need timely maintenance to ensure consistent uptime. Asset failures can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue, reduced durability, and increased safety and compliance risks. By transforming service delivery from manual processes to digital-service execution, companies provide smarter maintenance while also optimizing resource utilization and improving safety and compliance indicators. View this webinar from ServiceMax to learn how to improve your service execution.

2018 CIO/CFO Virtual Event: Preventing Unplanned Downtime Through Predictive Maintenance


Until recently, fixing and maintaining complex machines was almost purely reactive. A break/ fix model. Field service is undergoing significant change and it’s affecting the strategies of our finance and IT departments. Today machines are being built with sensors, edge and cloud-based connectivity and operating data that help field service teams stay abreast of changes. However, proper planning is needed to not only build the next generation of machines, but keep them up and running for best operational outcomes.

Improve Field Service Safety & Compliance by 12% with Digital Tools


Field service professionals in regulated industries understand the importance of following prescribed processes and capturing accurate information from the field. Errors in operations and data could mean a serious disaster. ServiceMax and ProntoForms are teaming up to help teams deliver compliant service every time.

The Rise of Asset and Service Data Gravity


The rise of "Asset and Service Data Gravity" is changing the way businesses view and monetise their service operations. This data is playing a far more strategic role in the wider enterprise – not just within service operations. The advent of connected equipment assets, industrial platforms and servitisation has made service and asset data more valuable than ever before, yet it remains under monetised for most companies

Service Transformation for Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility Operators


In this webinar recording, learn how ServiceMax can be used specifically in Oil, Gas and Chemical Facility operations such as refining, gas processing, petrochemical and more. Phil Schwarz, Oil & Gas Product Marketing Director at ServiceMax, discusses the role of a field service management platform within the context of Digital Transformation and how it can impact your business and operations immediately and into the future.

3 Ways to Overcome Proactive Service Challenges


By 2020, there will be 20 billion IoT connected devices. Field service management is a first-order application for IoT with accurate equipment data to optimise service delivery. Join ServiceMax and TSIA to learn how Connected Field Service delivers superior productivity and customer experience results. We will discuss how to unlock new service models, enable proactive maintenance models and leverage data to achieve proactive service results.

[Maxpert] - Deep Dive on ServiceMax IoT Architecture and Data Strategies


Learn about ServiceMax IoT integration architecture and how organisations are blending and mining data to deliver recurring value. Service organisations are able to switch to proactive and even predictive service models to guarantee customer outcomes—uninterrupted equipment uptime and exceptional customer experience.

Driving Profitability and Utilization for Your Service Organization: Determining Your Strategy


Global service organizations are challenged to think strategically when it comes to increasing revenue, profitability and customer experience. Join Patrice Eberline, Author and VP Global Customer Transformation at ServiceMax as she outlines the next step in your service transformation journey – Identifying and aligning priorities with the c-suite, understanding and using key KPI’s to deliver profitability consistently, and developing a future ready field team.

ServiceMax for the Digital Oilfield


  • Oil & Energy

Oil and Gas operators face constant challenges in production operations. Challenges include, but are not limited to, lost/deferred production, operational inefficiencies, aged infrastructure, a changing workforce, and safety & compliance concerns. Hear how ServiceMax automates the end to end field operations & maintenance process from automatic work order creation from connected assets to real-time work order debriefs.

Raise Field Service Productivity with an Integrated Knowledge and Inventory Solution


Learn how your field service team can increase First-Time fix rates while improving customer satisfaction. Anna Startseva, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax and Bo Wandell, VP of Sales and Business Development at Infomill, discuss how a curated mobile knowledge base that is integrated with your field service and inventory management solution will help achieve and beat your field service KPIs.

Build Your Outcomes-based Service Empire with Proactive Maintenance


If you’re looking to deliver better customer outcomes through next-generation services, please join Tushar Sharma, Product Manager and Micki Collart, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax for a webinar on ServiceMax’s Proactive Maintenance capabilities as they discuss evolving maintenance strategies and walk through a demo of ServiceMax's Preventative Maintenance features.

Oilfield Service Delivery Enabled by ServiceMax


No matter the oilfield service: seismic, drilling, oilfield fluids, reservoir evaluation, stimulation, completions, or well intervention, ServiceMax is designed to maximize the business outcomes associated with delivering a field service. According to our annual customer survey, users of ServiceMax see 10-20% improvements in productivity & efficiency, safety & compliance, customer experience, and revenue growth.

Improve Compliance and Job-Site Safety by Replacing Paper with Smart Mobile Forms


EHS reporting needs to do more than prove compliance: it must ensure machines are up and running full-time, keep employee training up to date, and help avoid the pitfalls of having to recruit and train part-time replacements if employees are injured on the job. This webinar will outline how data collection on smart phones and tablets in the field, combined with a best-in-class Field Service Management solution and KPI dashboards, will transform your EHS program into an all-around business support system.

ServiceMax Winter '18 Launch


Find out more about our improved user experience with the new Winter '18 Release in this recorded webinar. With new performance improvements to Service Flow Manager, the ability to quickly map data from IoT systems from ServiceMax objects, 10x faster Schedule Optimization and more, this release makes improvements for field techs, field service leaders dispatchers and administrators.

Reinvent Services Today: A Call To Action For Industrial Manufacturers


In the last two years, 30 companies in Technology Services Industry Association's (TSIA)’s Industrial Equipment (IE) index have lost more than 20% of their overall revenues, and average service margins for these companies are lower than product margins. John Ragsdale at TSIA and Micki Collart at ServiceMax discuss the key capabilities, such as connected products and analytics that are needed to reinvent service offerings that customers will pay for. They also take a deep dive into practical tactics to enable new services at the right cost.

Increase ROI by Integrating Parts and Service


Service and supply chain leaders are finding themselves at a crossroads of parts inventory decisions. How much inventory to stock? How to plan for preventive maintenance and break-fix work? Achieving complete transparency and effective management in parts management remains a challenge for many. Hear Anna Startseva, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at ServiceMax and Mike Landry, President at Barkawi, and discover how leading companies are using the latest digital tools in parts management and IoT to achieve higher ROI and customer retention.

The Service Council And Servicemax Predict The Top 3 Field Service Trends For 2018


Field Service Management has been a market of change. What your organization did 5 years ago, or even last year, is being disrupted. Technologies as varied as mobile, wearables, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT, Cloud, 3D printing, digital twins, drones and robotics all have their applications in today’s field service delivery process. This, coupled with business model changes such as outcome based models and reliance upon 3rd party technicians, make for a complex landscape. But which disruptions will rise to the top this year?

Field Service Transformation and the Internet of Things


The industrial internet of things creates a vast array of transformational opportunities for businesses. One of the most exciting opportunities is the chance to create new revenue opportunities and business models with connected products and assets. Join ServiceMax and Deloitte Digital as they discuss the role of IoT in Field Service Transformation.

Improve Margins and Customer Retention with IoT in Parts Management


Customers who leverage real-time data from IoT connected devices can also collect repair history, identify correct parts for a repair and make predictions of parts needed in the future, allowing them to plan ahead and optimize stocking levels.

Addressing Your Service Needs with Flexible Business Flow Engine


Learn how ServiceMax Service Flow Manager provides a powerful, future proof way to either deliver new or tailor existing business workflows, when you want them, on the device that you choose, whether or not you have a data connection.

Integrating Advanced Checklists from ProntoForms into ServiceMax


ProntoForms’ VP of Partner Sales, Mike Kavanagh, joins ServiceMax to discuss the power of complementing a field service management system with ProntoForms’ advanced checklist solutions to add effective field user workflows and rich data collection across multiple business processes.

ServiceMax Autumn 17 Launch


Find out how you can help improve service efficiency through features like Predicted time to service, dependent job scheduling and app-to-app integration in this Autumn 17 Launch recorded webinar.

Mining Companies Improve Field Service Productivity with ServiceMax


Learn how ServiceMax helps mining companies raise productivity, uptime, and safety with an end-to-end field service management solution. We discuss how ServiceMax compliments GE Digital’s Mine Asset Performance Management and walk through a solution demo.

Into the Diamond Mine: A Field Service Transformation Handbook for Executives


Join John Ragsdale, VP Research, Technology and Social at TSIA, as he sits down to interview Patrice Eberline about her new book "Into the Diamond Mine: A Field Service Handbook for Executives".

The Future of Service Transformation in a Digital World


Executives Joe Shrawder, President and CEO Global Services of GE Healthcare and Kevin Rusin, CFO of McKinley Corporations recently discussed the future of field service transformation. Find out how they have led their organizations through successful service transformation and what they’re doing to stay ahead of the curve.

The Field Service Engineer of the Future


Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and drones are changing field service today. In partnership with Field Technologies Online, Mark Homer, Head of Global Customer Transformation at GE Digital, discusses how to transform today’s technicians into the new service engineers of the future.

MaxPert Series: Achieve Maximum Efficiency with Schedule Optimization


Service leaders are beginning to realize that intelligent, automated scheduling can empower dispatchers to better improve efficiency and focus on higher-value jobs.

Monetizing Your Installed Base


Watch this webinar to learn how ServiceMax helps companies achieve complete visibility of their installed base to make strategic decisions and drive revenue.

Driving Revenue: The New Field Service Imperative


For innovative, growth-minded service businesses, driving the business as a profit center is now a top priority. But how do you move from the red to the black?

Boost Productivity and Profits with Field Service Power Metrics


Which metrics have the potential to be the most impactful to your service organisation? We've identified the top 5 field service metrics that executives need to know.

5 W's of an Outcome Based Service Model


The concept of selling an outcome rather than the product or service itself is not new, but it may impact your business soon. Learn how technology can enable your "outcome-based" service transformation.

Conquer The Challenges Of Talent Management In Field Service


In this webinar, you will learn more about some of the talent challenges being faced by service organisations and how they are dealing with this new reality.

Build Your Business Case for Field Service Technology


Learn how you can use your field service organisation’s metrics combined with industry-wide data to build a business case with real financial impact and bottom line ROI.