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B. Braun is one of the world’s leading medical technology companies. With over 66,000 employees, the family-owned company is a true partner, developing smart solutions and setting standards to drive advancements in health care. In 2021, the B. Braun Group generated sales of € 7.9 billion.


B. Braun

Medical Technology and Services

66,000 employees

Melsungen, Germany


Mastering the digitalization challenge in the context of our service management system ServiceMax, means fulfilling the organization’s worldwide requirements through a harmonized process in the system. It enables B. Braun despite its size, to stay flexible and agile in the service management process.

Jonas Patzelt
Senior Project Manager at B. Braun IT


As one of the world’s leading medical technology companies, B. Braun’s objective is to protect and improve the health of people around the world. For more than 180 years, the company has played a critical role in shaping and enriching healthcare globally by combining its pioneering spirit with product innovation. The company’s products, solutions and substantial Research and Development initiative are setting new standards in both hospital and outpatient care.

B. Braun turned to ServiceMax to achieve reliable and harmonized data while deploying their service business. Through a single digital platform, they would enable efficiency in processes, decision-making, and regulatory compliance.


In the fast changing and complex medical device industry, product lifecycle and traceability are critically important. B. Braun began partnering with ServiceMax in 2016 to improve the uptime and lifespan of its products and transform its service operations and compliance management. Staying on top of compliance throughout the entire lifecycle of every product is crucially important to avoid service interruptions. This ultimately provides cost and time savings and enables B. Braun to focus on the most important task - protecting and improving the health of people worldwide.

B. Braun is now looking into how best to connect different platforms in the business with an overall architecture. ServiceMax Go will be an additional solution to bring into the mix.


With leveraging ServiceMax, B. Braun has been able to achieve an asset-centric view of service data across their global service organization, connecting service data to an enterprise-wide architecture. There is full data capture, visibility, and traceability with ServiceMax across 1.5 million different types of products installed globally. They now have easy fulfillment for compliance and reporting requirements. B. Braun has been able to eliminate a previously paper-based manual system allowing them to save time, costs, and human error.

Our goal is to achieve digital excellence across all our harmonized processes, from regulation and compliance to sales, service maintenance records and our ERP system. We’re now looking at how to connect ServiceMax to our overall architecture to establish a single source of truth for all product data in the organization by connecting everything. We’re striving to be data driven not document driven. Moving forward, we’re looking at how best to connect different platforms in the business, including ServiceMax, with our overall architecture, rather than just at the feature level. We’ll also be looking at how we connect ServiceMax Go to our overall architecture in the coming months.

Philip Haller
Director IT – Product & Service Idea to End of Life, at B. Braun