Artificial Intelligence (AI) Scheduling Software


In field service, getting the right technician for the job is a critical component. Leveraging the opportunities and trust a technician has with customers can be an ideal way to promote new services, products or solutions. But before that, proper scheduling is a critical foundation for any successful field service operation. This is why ServiceMax collaborated with ServicePower to automate the scheduling process for technicians from manual to fully automatic and optimized. By utilizing ServicePower’s patented artificial intelligence scheduling algorithm, your enterprise organization can optimize routes continuously and intelligently schedule parts more efficiently.

The advantages of using artificial intelligence scheduling frees up effort from both technicians, dispatchers, and managers. By factoring in skill sets, location, and previous interactions, this automated scheduling software ensures faster response times, increased first time fix rates, and improved customer satisfaction. By utilizing up-to-date GPS tracking and cloud-based computing, routes can be calculated instantly, tools and inventory tracked in real-time and complete visibility to technicians, managers, and the whole business operation.

ServiceMax, the leading field service management software, offers a full suite of mobile applications. Not just scheduling and dispatching, but offline reporting, warranty and contract management, and an ever-expanding knowledge base that allows your technicians to not only master their target job, but perform fix jobs on almost any project for potentially additional revenue for your business. To learn more about ServiceMax, download the report.

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