ServiceMax, from GE Digital, Announces New Field Service Management Platform Capabilities to Help Companies Improve Customer Experience

ServiceMax moves organizations toward proactive service delivery with Condition Based Maintenance and Ranked Appointment Booking in ServiceMax Summer ’17 release

San Ramon, Calif. (- Jul 18, 2017]-- GE Digital today announced the ServiceMax Summer '17 release, featuring new Condition Based Maintenance and Ranked Appointment Booking capabilities. These features assist companies in transforming services from a reactive to proactive delivery model. With these enhancements service organizations will improve customer experience by minimizing unplanned downtime and creating shorter response times.

“Far too often service leaders fail to identify and address equipment issues until it’s too late,” said Lubor Ptacek, vice president, product marketing at ServiceMax. “We are committed to providing the best field service management solutions to help our customers move from reactive to proactive service models. The new features in ServiceMax Summer '17 help businesses decrease downtime, increase productivity, and exceed the expectations of their customers.”

Condition Based Maintenance

The new Condition Based Maintenance feature automates service requests and aligns future maintenance schedules for optimized preventive equipment service. Current maintenance plans are often based on ideal conditions, without accounting for real-world equipment usage or environmental factors that result in a need for fluctuating maintenance schedules. With Condition Based Maintenance, proactive work orders are triggered by actual equipment conditions, determined by either Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) signals or manual data readings using the ServiceMax app. Adopting Condition Based Maintenance is critical for customers to extend equipment lifetime, improve performance, and minimize cost of operations.

Condition Based Maintenance completes the full spectrum of proactive service capabilities, enabling customers to shift from reactive toward proactive and predictive service delivery and maximizing asset performance, while lowering operating costs. These capabilities include:

  • Maintenance Plans managed by the ServiceMax platform;
  • Dynamic Planned Maintenance introduced in the Winter ‘17 release;
  • Predictive maintenance with integration to Asset Performance Management by GE Digital.

Ranked Appointment Booking

Ranked Appointment Booking enables the real-time Schedule Optimization engine to retrieve and rank appointment options. As a result, dispatchers can provide the best customer service without compromising business costs. According to Gartner, “Organizations that continuously implement automation, modeling and historical data into their processes using schedule automation tools, can reduce unproductive activities by 15% or more, both for technicians and dispatchers… At the same time, schedule automation tools increase customer satisfaction through better SLA [service level agreement] attainment and higher first-time fix rates.” (Gartner, “How to Achieve Scheduling Optimization in Field Service, Jim Robinson, March 14, 2017)

Ranked Appointment Booking becomes particularly important in proactive service delivery scenarios where dispatchers have the flexibility to offer customers one or more service windows, but lack the visibility into how their choices align with their business goals. The new Ranked Appointment Booking feature in the ServiceMax Summer ‘17 release enables customers to provide the best possible customer experience without compromising their business objectives such as minimizing drive time, reducing overtime work, and avoiding SLA violations.


The ServiceMax Summer ’17 release will be available end of July, 2017.

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