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ServiceMax not only helps your bottom line, it measures it. From service revenue to first time fix rates, and all the metrics that affect your profitability, ServiceMax delivers your KPIs, accurately. In fact, the average ServiceMax customer reports increases in service revenue by 25%* and decreases service costs by 14%*.

*Average ServiceMax customer results

Track the Right Performance Metrics to Make Impactful Decisions

Metrics to drive operational excellence

Today's fast-paced, competitive service environment demands visibility into the key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your success. Having the right data in hand is critical to making informed decisions, rather than managing your service business on “gut feel”. ServiceMax captures metrics, such as SLA achievement, engineer utilization, contract leakage and much more. You can keep customers happy and improve technicians' efficiency by identifying potential problems before they impact your operations.

Service Performance Metrics

Boost service revenue and profitability with insightful field service metrics

ServiceMax used its expertise gleaned from working with more than 450 companies to define the field service metrics that bridge every type of company, vertical, region, and even strategy. Available as an optional module, the Service Performance Metrics engine delivers and trends nine critical metrics that form the core language of field service management across the globe – such as First Time Fix Rate, Attach Rate, Mean Time To Repair, and more. Simply put, they represent the condensed wisdom of the best field service organizations in the world. But since not every organization is exactly the same, our field service metrics are highly configurable, empowering you to calculate each metric in a way that fits your business.

Reports & Dashboards

Clear and meaningful insights

Today's fast-paced, competitive service environment demands visibility across your entire service organization. Achieve your goals with powerful information to help you make decisions that align with safety and compliance priorities and keep all stakeholders happy. With ServiceMax Reports & Dashboards you get instant status on your operations with pre-configured reporting on installed products with warranties expiring, delayed RMAs, critical work orders, and much more.

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    ServiceMax Field Service Management

    ServiceMax is the leader in Field Service Management. Our solution enables organizations to drive new sources of revenue, increase efficiencies in their service operations, and expand both customer satisfaction and overall market differentiation.

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    Best Practices for Improving Field Service Operations

    Service has become increasingly critical to business success. This is especially true of industrial companies where the margins on selling service are about 20 percent higher than the sale of equipment, and the 1 expectation is for service revenue to nearly double by 2020 . External market dynamics are tough as well--competition has become the leading challenge on service leaders’ minds in 2016.

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    How to Gain Instant Business Insights with Service Performance Metrics

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    ServiceMax Dashboards & KPIs

    Boost revenue and profitability by gaining insight into your service operations. To run a successful field service organization, you can’t rely on "gut feel" – you need data. Understanding key performance metrics (KPIs) and tracking them closely is imperative to identifying strengths and improving weaknesses in your service operations.

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