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Improve efficiency of your asphalt paver service business using ServiceMax's scheduling and dispatch software.

With approximately 70 million tons of asphalt pavement material being reclaimed and more than 99 percent of that total being reused or recycled each year, the last thing any paving organization wants is waste and inefficiency. With ServiceMax, technicians can utilize both online and offline access to update their work orders from mobile devices, as well to make, assign, update and examine a field work order onsite. The ability to combine profitable recycling with technological efficiency is now made accessible and easy with ServiceMax.

ServiceMax's scalable and proven cloud computing asphalt paver dispatch software enables to assigning and initiation of schedules for different work orders with the help of the dispatch console that comes with a drag and drop feature.

  • Empower asphalt paver service field managers to describe service / partner service teams, and asphalt paver service technicians with their territories
  • Make and generate estimates and quotes
  • Empower asphalt paver technicians and partner technicians to make, assign, update and look into a field work order
  • Gather actual time and expense items details and develop reports on service or final invoices for getting customer sign with the aim to avoid confusion and costly billing faults
  • Empower asphalt paver service technicians to update their work orders through their mobile devices, online or offline
  • Offer real-time service level agreement (SLA) and heighten awareness about potential SLA violations
  • Employ software with the ability to manage complex work orders and their scheduling, mobile worker management, invocing logisitics so on and so forth.