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Eastman Kodak is a leading global manufacturer focused on commercial print and advanced materials & chemicals with headquarters located in Rochester, NY. Kodak has been around for over 130 years with award-winning products and over 79,000 worldwide patents. Products range from traditional print, digital prints such as continuous inkjet printing solutions, and advanced materials and chemicals such as film and motion picture. They are committed to developing sustainable print solutions, harnessing innovative technology, and researching ways to enhance how the world views and creates.

The entire organization is currently in the middle of a digital transformation, using technology across various departments to drive efficiency, boost productivity, and deliver a next-level customer experience, especially to enhance the customer service provided by its printing services. Kodak is focused on a customer-first approach to every initiative.


Eastman Kodak

Manufacturing – Printing, Materials, Chemicals

5,000 employees

Rochester, NY


What ServiceMax is doing with Asset 360, and the connection to Salesforce was ultimately crucial in the decision we made.

Todd Bigger
VP of Service


Despite Kodak supporting markets and customers worldwide, they have dealt with significant business changes, product segmentation, and legacy that have created fragmented processes and data sources. This was made all the clearer during the COVID-19 pandemic, which made customer connectivity and on-site access difficult, constrained, and unreliable. Their mission is to bring data and action together to simplify processes, accelerate decision-making, and ultimately improve the experience for Kodak’s customers.

To achieve this goal, everyone at the company needed to truly understand what issues customers are facing and how Kodak can help them to respond to their needs at a much faster pace. To ensure customers’ issues are being fixed as quickly as possible, Kodak also needed to get rid of product-focused and regional silos within the company that can be confusing for customers. Instead of pointing them to different channels for service, sales, and marketing support, Kodak would point customers to just one point of contact regardless of the product they’re using.


Kodak needed a system that provides actionable asset data to improve daily decision-making and to outline key areas of concern when it came to their asset-centric service delivery ecosystem. This involved the provision of more proactive maintenance to customers at a much more efficient cost structure that would allow for a continued improvement to the customer experience. ServiceMax partnering with Salesforce ticked just the right boxes.

To meet their needs, Kodak wanted out-of-the-box functionality built on their Salesforce platform. Salesforce is their center of customer information and engagement; it’s ingrained in everything they do. Through uncovering insights and problem areas with Salesforce and determining what was needed for a fix, Kodak found that ServiceMax was the solution to accelerate adoption and resolve the issues at hand.


Through their digital transformation they were able to break down silos. This would lead to a “One Kodak Initiative”, meaning a single point of contact for customers. With everyone having the same asset and service data in place, this helped Kodak to quickly enhance uptime for customers, manage asset data more easily, and ultimately drive cost benefits and profitability improvements for Kodak as a service business.

Kodak’s goal is to further engage remote support and increase remote resolution from 35 percent to 65 percent. In this mission, ServiceMax’s asset-centric capabilities that highlight asset events, hierarchies, and entitlements will be vital in ensuring that remote service engineers have the right context to support their resolutions.

As a next step, Kodak is exploring ServiceMax’s “uptime kits”. These kits are designed to be already available when an engineer arrives on site and are a dedicated way to improve inventory levels further and ensure issues are being resolved even faster. Also in the pipeline are plans to use machine learning to find actionable data and to utilize IoT technology that will see machines identifying errors or concerns as soon as possible. Kodak’s five-year plan is to utilize real-time data and machine analytics to drive a truly proactive and preventative service model for customers. The ultimate goal is to be able to address issues before a machine fails—and before the customer even knows it needs to be fixed.

“Salesforce is our center of customer information and engagement. It’s ingrained in nearly everything we do. Salesforce has been instrumental in helping us uncover insights and problem areas and what we need to do to fix them. ServiceMax and their partnership with Salesforce helps us to accelerate that adoption.”

Todd Bigger
VP of Service