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Service Your Clients Better Using Case Tracking Software

Are you interested in serving your clients better? Do you want to reduce the chances of repeat visits, lost work orders and service inefficiencies? For this you need to accurately track service requests. ServiceMax’s case tracking software can help.

Cloud-based case tracking software enables you to track, request, ship products and the parts movements between various customer locations, warehouses and truck stocks. The software helps you:

  • Increase first time fixes by sending the right field worker on a customer site
  • Monitor the forward and reverse logistics for every parts and product transactions, that comprises of returned merchandise authorizations, field replaceable unit, exchange and repairs
  • Maintain product revision with a substitution mix for fast customer exchanges and upgrades
  • Analyze return volumes and trends to provide useful perspectives to quality, engineering and the material planning teams
  • Assist global networks in multiple languages

Don’t let messy product returns and missing parts erode your service revenues and hinder customer delight. Want to convert it into an advantage by boosting customer loyalty? Get ServiceMax.