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Customer & Partner Portals

Your partners need complete information about your customers so that they can serve them well, while your customers want to log issues and view the information online. Moreover, you need visibility into each partners' portal to ensure your customers are serviced well. The ServiceMax Customer and Partner Portals offer you both.

Without a real-time online system, communicating and collaborating with service partners is a challenge. ServiceMax's partner portal helps leverage the cloud to be better informed and to collaborate well with your partners.

With our social-based collaboration tools, the techs can stay connected and communicate with other technicians and back-office experts when faced with unfamiliar situations or new problems. Your tech can easily pull-up corporate knowledge bases, how-to guides, and repair videos and your customers will be thrilled a problem was fixed in the first visit.

The collaborative web platform has made the customers better empowered and offers transparency on all interactions. You can leverage the cloud to empower customers using our customer portal. It offers self-service capabilities to your customers, thus offering choice of interaction to your customers and reducing operational costs.