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Use Customer Service Technology Tools from ServiceMax

Do you want to delight customers? Take out “I am not sure how to fix it” from your vocabulary. Instead, combine the best technology, solution and skilled field tech to address every customer call. Customer service technology tools from ServiceMax helps!

ServicePulse from ServiceMax acts as a customer service technology tool and offers useful insights to field service managers. It ensures that a whole team is working behind every field tech at a customer site, to guarantee amazing results. Use ServicePulse to:

  • Enhance the first time fixes and customer delight by allowing techs to find answers to their queries on the go
  • Enhance technician utilization and increase productivity by providing quick access to field service experts from mobile
  • Enhance the mean time to repair by leveraging and documenting tribal know-how
  • Minimize the time to train a field tech by leveraging an organic knowledge base
  • Promote useful relationships across distributed teams

ServiceMax’s customer service technology tools include the ServicePulse Ticker that offers useful insights on service design and processes. This facilitates smart decision making.

Download the White Paper.