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ServiceMax Offers Customized Work Order Software for Field Technicians

Field service is demanding. The real drill starts with recurrent service calls, field techs being dispatched and repairs happening onsite. It is essential to strike a balance. ServiceMax's customized work order software for field technicians can help!

ServiceMax helps you effectively manage field service teams, their territories and their respective field activities for every service model. Use ServiceMax's customized work order software to:

  • Remove unnecessary paperwork
  • Increase field tech utilization and productivity
  • Allow field techs to work when there is no Internet connectivity
  • Minimize billing errors
  • Minimize confusion regarding assignments
  • Minimize costs by precisely tracking parts, labor costs and technician time
  • Minimize the chances of SLA commitment violations
  • Reduce operational costs by allowing partners and customers with instant work order updates

Field service delivery process can get obstructed by simple things like unable to locate customer data or confirm a field tech location. If you are rethinking your service delivery process, get ServiceMax.

Download the White Paper.