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Work Order Management

In order to manage work orders and efficiently dispatch field techs, you have to work through a complex matrix of skill inventories, accessibility and schedules. This tend to get more intricate if you are making use of partner service teams along with your own field techs. ServiceMax makes sure that you are allocating work to the skilled field techs equipped with the correct parts. This maximizes the chances of offering customer delight and increasing the chances of first time close rates.

ServiceMax's Work Order Management offers compact capacities that field service companies require to continually adapt and evolve. The work order management module assists you to manage your field service teams and their locations in addition to their field initiatives, such as the allocation, generation, implementation, closure and the debriefing of the fieldwork. You can further expand this work order management capacity to partner service teams.

ServiceMax's work order management solution comes with an intelligent UI to successfully monitor interactive, manual and automated scheduling processes. ServiceMax enables you to allocate and develop the schedules for several work orders by making the most of a scalable cloud platform, . It offers you a combined view of the unallocated work-orders and territories in a screen, along with providing complete visibility to the overall operation on demand.